So after all the salt about RN HE, let's check how their AP perform   TIER III Bellerophon 373/256/176 South Carolina 412/285/198 Kawachi 362/249/NA Nassau 395/235/NA König Albert 429/305/NA Turenne 382/253/NA   TIER IV Orion 413/300/218 Wyoming (449/341/NA) 508/386/NA Arkansas Beta 449/341/NA Myogi 472/350/260 Ishizuchi 348/206/124 Kaiser (429/305/217) 469/369/291 Imperator Nikolai I 472/339/NA Courbet 382/253/186   TIER V Iron Duke 411/308/231/NA New York (354/284/228/186) 597/479/384/314 Texas 597/479/384/NA Kongo 590/471/377/NA König 469/369/291/NA Okt. Rev. 472/339/245/NA Giulio Cesare 551/415/314 Bretagne 472/355/267   TIER VI Queen Elizabeth 515/419/342 Warspite 547/444/362 New Mexico 610/491/395 Arizona 597/479/384 Fuso 590/471/377 Mutsu 550/427/331 Bayern 541/405/304 Dunkerque 601/499/414 Normandie 513/411/329 (Graf Spee 417/307/227) UPDATE: Normandie takes "worst at 5km" from QE   TIER VII King George V 528/433/355/NA Hood 515/419/342/NA Nelson 560/447/357/NA Colorado 683/559/459/382 Nagato 729/589/477/392 Gneisenau 639/535/449/NA Lyon 513/411/329/269 (Scharnhorst 464/368/292/NA) UPDATE: Lyon takes "worst at 5/10/15km" from Hood and "worst(worse?) at 20km" from Colorado   TIER VIII Monarch 616/506/416/NA North Carolina 689/577/484/NA Alabama 689/577/484/NA Amagi 729/589/477/NA Bismarck 638/535/449/381 Tirpitz 638/535/449/381 Richelieu 665/566/483/416 Roma 700/591/499/NA UPDATE: Richelieu takes "best (only?) at 20km" from Tirpitz Roma takes "best at 10km/15km" from Amagi(10km) and NC(15km)   TIER IX Lion(406mm) 701/615/540/477 Lion(419mm) 719/631/554/490 Iowa 736/619/521/444 Missouri 736/619/521/444 Izumo 795/646/525/433 FdG(406mm) 718/605/510/434 FdG(420mm) 737/631/541/467 Alsace 665/566/483/416 UPDATE: Alsace takes "worst at all range" from Lion stock(5km) FdG stock(10km/15km) and Izumo(20km)   TIER X Conqueror(419mm) 719/631/554/490 Conqueror(457mm) 770/664/572/497 Montana 736/619/521/444 Yamato 796/681/583/503 GK(406mm) 718/605/510/434 GK(420mm) 737/631/541/467 France 828/694/582/493 UPDATE: France takes "best at 5km/10km" from Yamato A/B/C/(D) = penetration at 5/10/15/20km, NA means either the ship cannot reach that far without a spotter or the shell takes too long to fly that the value does not practically worth being used in comparison. UNDERLINED means the gun has the best penetration at the tier&range ITALIC means the gun has the worst penetration at the tier&range. SHIP (a/b/c/d) A/B/C/D means the stock hull has a less powerful shell and the data in the brackets is for reference only and will not participate in the comparison (ship A/B/C/D) means the ship is not designed for traditional BB gameplay and the data does not participate in the comparison   Ahhhhhhh done, nighty night guys   Data from World of Warships Fitting Tool (