UK Battleships Are OP

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8 hours ago, Moggytwo said:

Zero damage pens happen with all HE, they're in the vast minority though.  It's when you hit an AA module or similar, the module has it's own HP but that does not affect the ship's HP. The only time AP is better than HE on the KGV is the usual broadside cruiser under about 13-14km and broadside BB's under 10km (aiming at the same place you would aim for KM BB's - amidships at the deck line).  Play it much like a high tier KM CA.

Yes I know, of course they do, but it happened to me all the time with HE on a regular basis, and shooting the bow/stern was not great either, that is if her sometimes woeful dispersion allowed a hit. I'll probably get there eventually, but I don't think she's as good as you guys think.

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