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Update 0.6.10 Post installation update

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Hello all,

It has come to our attention that you may be experiencing some minor technicalities after you update to [PATCH] 0.6.10. We are aware of this issues and are working on fixing them, for now, please follow the simple guides that were provided to us by our DEV Group:


  • After updating the game client via Launcher \ WGC, temporary files with the extension .killme in the folder res \ packages are not deleted, which causes significant increase in Game Client size (up to ~40GB).
    • Workaround:

In order for the temporary files to be deleted and to not take up unnecessary space, you need to close and restart Launcher \ WGC. IMPORTANT: when closed, WGC actually minimized to the taskbar. To fully close it, you need to close it in the taskbar beside your PC clock on the bottom right of your desktop screen.

  • After the update and game client launch, load progress bar in the port freezes, ship can not be loaded and players cannot play normally.
    • Workaround:

The issue is caused by an incorrect update of the client files, you can fix it by running the client integrity check command ("Check") in the Launcher \ WGC options, the system will restore the system files. However, it will need to download from 1.5 to 20 GB.

  • British battleships Bellerophon, Orion, Iron Duke, received by players after the release of 0.6.10 as a result of completing Mission tasks, can not be sold by players. The issue is scheduled to be fixed on the next patch
  • Mission task for Blueprint 3 flag is still active and has been announced to last till a later date than 0.6.10 patch release, presumable by mistake. Thus players are still able to complete the mission task and receive the Blueprint 3 flag after the release of 0.6.10, but the automated ship crediting is performed with the patch release, so players will not get the ship. After the Mission expires, we will have our staff collect the details of affected players and will manually provide the rewards.


Hope that these quick fixes/answers help you, we thank you for your continued patronage.

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