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UKBB Frenzy!!!!

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WG Staff
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525 battles

Hello guys,


As you all know, we have now introduced a new line of ships that would surely be a very good addition to our battlefield, the UK Battleships. And we would like to start them off by finding someone to take them to their limits in damage. Here are the rules:



August 31, 2017 [1800 UTC+8] - September 28, 2017 [1800 UTC+8]

  • Each UKBB Tier will have a corresponding minimal damage you need to obtain in order to win.
  • You will need to submit a screenshot for your post game stats in order to be included in the entries.
  • 1 screenshot per player. In case of multiple submissions, the original post will be counted.
  • 1 screenshot per category. Please make sure to submit appropriate screenshot for the correct submission thread, wrong entry per thread will not be counted.
  • PVP matches only!!!
  • Rewarding will be done within 2 weeks after the event ends.


Minimum entries:

Tier III - Bellerophon

“Get at least 60K damage in a battle”


Tier IV - Orion

“Get at least 70k damage in a battle”


Tier V - Iron Duke

“Get at least 85K damage in a battle”


Tier VI – Queen Elizabeth

“Get at least 120k damage in a battle”


Tier VII – King George V

“Get at least 150k damage in a battle”


Tier VIII - Monarch

“Get at least 175k damage in a battle”


Tier IX - Lion

“Get at least 200k damage in a battle”


Tier X - Conqueror

“Get at least 250K damage in a battle”


All submissions that completes the minimum requirements will be awarded:

  • 100 doubloons


Something for the achievers:

Highest damager per category = x3 on rewards per category.


Submit your entries to the following links:



Iron Duke

Queen Elizabeth

King George V





Local language links:

(JP): UKBB Frenzy!!!!

(TW): 狂化吧,英國戰艦!!!

(TH): UKBB เฟรนซี่!!!!

(KR): 영국 전함 Frenzy

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WG Staff
461 posts
525 battles

And at long last, let me present you the winners of this events, give a warm congratulations to everyone who joined and made this event possible!!!


Bellerophon Orion Iron Duke Queen Elizabeth King George V Monarch Lion Conqueror
trinhphi91 WOW_KS_DDG993 Tonc Nene_Sister InvincibleRN Aluzzard LuvKitty kaceuth
Steelheart_ambush DieHardZu TheNextChapter InvincibleRN danmakuya_dnmk Elena_Siren InvincibleRN Aluzzard
Napolenic97 TheNextChapter RalphTheTheatreCat Int42 Aluzzard _WeissSchnee_ F6F_HellCat_ InvincibleRN
devil667 Nene_Sister space_of_ice Aluzzard UlfHreda xkoushik Elena_Siren NoviceVader
Tonc trinhphi91 IFHE_SPAM wotkr_mint KirstieBeau dom607 xkoushik  
TheNextChapter Kazuto09 Captain_Satkat Rswifhand GodDok   danmakuya_dnmk  
snYpr69 keskparane AceKazuya Time_Tracer Maya_Kai_ni      
DerekFrost_01 Super_Stars InvincibleRN Pervis117 humusz      
MatterCore Admiral_Neptulussus wingzero UlfHreda Cartier_      
Tregun SHUBH007 Aluzzard namaehamondaizyanai wotkr_mint      
space_of_ice kentanghalla Nene_Sister HW_4668A Int42      
Aesara kenyutaka94 notpk98ep snYpr69 Clorin      
TrungPurpVN Napolenic97 Potatus_Maximus AceKazuya P95101      
daiyan02 Helloyoung namaehamondaizyanai Geo_NutZa34_2 dom607      
Boxster718 pretiread chickfarmer Hallazeal MatterCore      
Admiral_Neptulussus While_True Pervis117 Aesara        
DieHardZu Blue317 EIJI_23 TheNextChapter        
WindCruiser wingzero Hallazeal Trident_II        
Xx_Black_Flag_xX Mingfang47 Mingfang47 Tennouji_Kotarou        
Hallazeal RegiaMarina Geo_NutZa34_2          
Pervis117 Hiyoung Megumln          
KenjiEmiliaTan korinyama Kazuto09          
keskparane apollo11_2017 cenry005          
payongtee derpcargoship Arcane_Fury          
Blue317 TrungPurpVN Chungcheongnam_do          
LunaStinger Dora70 THAI_THIEF          
LoliSaikoo Bob778_ MabelKyan          
2nd_violation2013774911 payongtee trinhphi91          
wingzero space_of_ice Aesara          
  snYpr69 2nd_violation2013774911          
  wotkr_mint derpcargoship          
  WindCruiser Magicka_Power          
  cenry005 OvidiusNaso          
  devil667 UlfHreda          
  lluvie WernerVoss          
  Steelheart_ambush zkfkrhsel          
  xlnzJet keskparane          
  Hawkilo HW_4668A          
  SooHoSin bradly_colin          
  Kerisia mustbuy_watermelon          
  AlfaDome Admiral_Neptulussus          
  daiyan02 devil667          
  Pervis117 LunaStinger          
  grand_admiral_vader topjon          
  Dk_Blu snYpr69          
  2nd_violation2013774911 Tregun          
  Potatus_Maximus Blue317          
  USSubmarine SHUBH007          
  Tonc lluvie          
  Boxster718 mellow_dream1          
  Tregun AKagai42          
  LunaStinger daiyan02          
  Aesara LoliSaikoo          
  Hallazeal Lusiyan          


The list is is already arranged for those who got the highest damage per ship, congratulations to all of you!!!


See you on the next frenzy, YES, this is not the end!!! :cap_haloween:

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