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When RNG says no

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Shot after shot, you get overpens. 40 of them. 


Dunno man, game is rigged bad. 40 out of 66 are overpens and still many 100k+ dmg.


Probably should upload the replay of so many broadside hits. Yep not yielding on those cruisers and the CV. 10 out of 10 hits on the CV was overpen from 12km out with the warspite.



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Well low tier CVs like Zuihos have very little armour so overpens from 15" guns are not unexpected. Heck they can even be citadel'ed with HE.


Same for some glass cannon cruisers like the Nurnberg. You are either going to get citadels or overpens. No normal pens unless they are at an angle.

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