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CV population boom incoming

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so, tomorrow is going to be the first day of yamamoto, so in honor of all the CVs that will show up for the missions, i have just one thing to say

salty CV tears tastes great, and tomorrow we shall feast!



because we need to remind CV players and WG that AA powercreep is a lie

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Its going to change what ships I play at least till after the weekend. If lots if high tier CVS do show up;

Gearing and shima staying in port

Cruisers will be equiping def aa.. Minotaur /Mik Kuts more play time

Playing my AA spec Iowa/ Missouri


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9 minutes ago, BravaZulu296 said:

Hopefully boom = more potatoes = more wins = more XP = faster grinds :fish_cute_2:

yes if you are playing CV....


what are you waiting for? LETS PLAY CV!!!!







:cap_cool: i am going to rage quit warship for a while.....

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This isnt good , atleast with the tier 9+. The cv that are incompetent just load up the match with 2x AA and its over for the other team. Yeah , cv in 9+ is not often a contest of skill, but who get the better AA coverage.

Ex : loaded in a match as taiho , team lemning train go camp A, instead of pushing up since the whole team is there they camp.

Then there are the stragglers bb and ca who is too far to make it to safety , i desperately deploy my assets to rear guard them and myself from being outflanked from A and C with my neck on the line when a dd slip through.

Decided against helping A as enemy mass AA ans smoke, with the terrain make it unsuitable for strikes.

Guess what , the 3 koreans name start bashing me and glorifying their contribution. The 3 dimwitts demand that i scout A , hey how can i scout A when all the team butts are hugging rock like a big warm pillow refusing to move up.

Now my assessment of the situation: the team go 1 way but turtle up is a failure of their part, their tactic is wrong from the start. While 4 guys holding the rear , big kudos to BLUMR clan hipper for saving my ass. I buy them time from getting smashed by a pincer movement but they dont see it and keep trash flaming me on chat. Their cv is trashing the rearguards afterall

Great those 3 koreans ( their ign are koreans name).

I will repeat it here: ships dont possess the tactical awareness a cv have and the necessary tools to exploit such opening or cover up for thoses. So best chance is to use your skill to influence the tactical situation immediately around you instead of bashing the cv player for your own incompetence.The 3 are not wrong , but the whole team is in the wrong for passiveness.

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