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USS Indianapolis (CA-35) has been discovered

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From reliable news comfirmed that Paul Allen(who discovered Musashi) has found CA who deliver Nuke device (I guess it's detonator) at 5.5km (18k feet) below the sea

on 20 August 2017  72 years ago after torped by I-58(as I knew) an IJN sub




Box of parts




Hull Number from the bow


In other words there still have many warships not yet discover in Pacific at least 7 ships or more included

-USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) shot down by BB Yamato and CA Chikuma guns at Samar

-USS Lexington (CV-2) Sunk by IJN aerial attack at Coral Sea

-CV Hiryu get attacked by dive-bomber aircraft from USS Enterprise, USS Yorktown, USS Hornet and Midway Island and scutted by IJN DD Makigumo at away from Midway

-CA Mikuma collided with her own teammate Mogami in order to evasion from USN sub and get bombed by SBD Dauntless from USS Hornet and USS Enterprise then she sunk at Midway 

-Kongō was torped and sunk by USS Sealion at Formosa Strait (now it's Taiwan Strait) SHE is THE ONE killed by submarine :cap_haloween:

-Fusō get torped by USN DD and sunk in flames at Surigao Strait due fuel burned

-Shinano get 4 torped by USS Archerfish (SS-311) while she going to Kure for completing construction (She died at her home)

https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/top-10-undiscovered-shipwrecks-wwii.html  (this website still yet updated but can help about sinking cordinate)



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