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Is there any anti-cheat update?

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If the origin design of WOWS is test player skill and with RNG decide fate. But the 'cheat' support engines like [content removed] and [content removed] add combat information and modern semi-Auto aiming assistance into game just like a old DDG CIC, now they just made the game from a game that emphasize player skill became a game emphasize arcade shoot and brainless play style game.

Like the [content removed] , it got full auto and semi-auto shooting system, leading assist, enemy cruise route visualize, enemy torpedo crusie route visualize, enemy ship equipment setup visualize, and so on.

Their used only few player using those 'cheat' engine, but recently I feel in high tier game, especially Tier 7-10 I got more than 50% chance I will see someone with 100% accurate nuke on me and my team.


Will you do anything about [content removed] and other 'cheat' engine? Or maybe you just acquiescence them because your own Mobile version of WOWS just officially have the same assistance?

And if you are sure those assistance is NOT CHEAT, than just give other players like us an official one like AIs` in PVE mode will be enough, and maybe WOWS will became a RTS or ARPG game ya? It`s too unfair at current, and I`m also getting really tired of this game.



Inappropriate/Illegal content. Post edited.


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A timely question, as this player: [content removed] just got busted using an aimbot and perma-radar. It was clearly visible in his Twitch stream. He is/was a member of one of the "best" NA clans, OPG (who already apparently don't have the best reputation).


Thread on reddit: [content removed]

The YouTube video has since been removed but is mirrored here: [content removed]

You can see the cheat UI at 7:16: [content removed]


Naming & shaming. Post edited, user already sanctioned.



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You may also want to remove any references to said cheats so you don't get a red crayon up the clakker from a mod.

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