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New commands printout

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Myself, I just reassign what messages are still the same back to the old keys....... 

The new ones I don't use.


But its a good graph you made, & looks handy. Great job. Thanks.





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Nice graphic, very useful!  Thanks for sharing it!

I wish they had taken the "radial" idea a bit further.  If you have the entire screen to use, why not add some other useful commands.  No need to have such large areas for a single command.  I guess they limited themselves to commands that could be assigned to F-keys.  Why not have additional commands accessible only through the radial menu?  In a team-oriented game faced with major language barriers, having a broader range of commands available would be so useful.

For instance, how about one "pie slice" for "Cap!"  The outer edge of the slice could be sub-divided into four smaller quadrants, labeled A,B,C and D.  Then you could easily say "Cap!", or be more specific and say "Cap B!"  Or a pie slice for "Move!" with the outer edge split into smaller spaces for directions, so you could easily say "Move east!" or "Move ahead!".  

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