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Montana is simply fantastic

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What more can I say. The Montana is such a fantastic BB. 12 hard hitting and accurate guns. Best AA suit in the game. Armour scheme is quite good as well. Good concealment. Overall, an amazing BB. I think that this ship is the perfect reward for grinding through the entire USN BB line which can be summarized as 'ugly duckling'. Attached is the battle result screen after my very first battle in the ship. Completely stock, untrained captain and no upgrades at all. If you are hesistant about getting this ship, don't be, it shit on absolutely everything, BBs, DDs, CAs, CVs, doesn't matter what it is, the Montana shits on it. Not even the Yamato is that scary, if you see a bow on Yamato, feel free to load skillful  HE rounds and start BBQing the Yamato


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