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new klan system reeeeeeeee

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Outside of team battles it would be nice to have some form of incentive to actually be in a Clan and work as a Clan to unlock rewards that all can benefit from - but should you leave the Clan then you loose "Player perks" thus have to earn status with the new Clan. Similar to World of Warcraft.


A Clan Flag that can be customized and is issued to a player who has a maximum service record, and after 1 full Division with clan,for every 100 battles with a full Division will give the Flag a ship maintenance reduction by 1% to a maximum of 10%. Once maxed out then issue a permanent camouflage that reduces Shell, planes and consumables cost by 5%. 


Again Division/ Clan focus for upgrades and signals - Clan kills "X" amount of a certain class,Tier or nation of ship per week.


It will make playing higher Tier more affordable and also promote lower tier battles should the Clan mission warrant it.


My % maybe wrong and i'm sure ill be corrected or slammed but at least its something as a starting point, should WG ever want to make Clans viable.

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