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7/23 Super League Mission

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Superleague is available to players who reached rank 1.

The League of Sea Wolves

Reach Rank 1, and you enter a battle ranking to match wits and ships with other Commanders heart's content at tier VIII. We'll set a daily prime time with challenges to complete!

Each Day of Challenges
Start: 18:00 UTC+8
End: 23:00 UTC+8

Seasoned Sea Wolves Special Challenge

Play Ranked Battle and be in top 2 of the EXP Ranking for their team!

Ranked Battles, Tier VIII ships

1x Random Container



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Heh too bad no one is trying to rank up anymore. Ive seena ton of rank 10-15 players in random battles. yet when I que in ranked (9) theres no one there XD 

Ive been queing constantly for an hour and Ive only had 1-2 other players pop in the que before leaving -_-

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