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what determines the penetration ability of AP shells?

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I know the closer,the bigger the shell is,the thicker armor it can penetrate,but what's the other factors that can determine penetration value,and how they determine,like shell mass?


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A quick explaination: 4 things that affect AP shell penetration mechanics

1)Penetration value
Obviously the higher this is the more armor it can penetrate through. However if your AP shell has too much penetration it will overpenetrate lightly armored ships like dds, dealing only 10% of it's maximum damage potential. At longer ranges the penetration of a AP shell goes down

2)Angle of impact
The larger the angle of impact with the target, the more armor the AP shell has to penetrate through due to angling. This leads to...

3)Auto-bouncing Mechanic
This comes into play when you hit the auto-bounce angle for AP shells (generally shell bouncing starts between 30-60 degrees, any shell angle at 60 degrees and above will auto-bounce if overpen mechanic does not come into play)

This is why a BB can go bow on against other ships of higher tier and still emerge from a salvo without or with little damage

4)Overpenetration Mechanic
A shell will trigger the overpenetration mechanic if the shell caliber is more than 14.7 times the thickness of a ship's armor. This leads to the shell ignoring the auto-bouncing mechanic

Like the guy said earlier this will help you understand better

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