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List of improvement that i think of

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1. Removing unlocking commander and upgrades at rank 5 and 6


The rank system is nice to have, it is good for new players to have something to work on. But having commander and upgrades at rank 5 and 6 mean that before u reach there, u r at a disadvantage for people who reach those rank since commander have perks and upgrades give u a bonus to the ship abilities.


2. Improving the smoke system when inside


When i was using a destroyer and turn on the smoke, i could not tell whether or not i was in the smoke because when i was inside of it, it is clear like normal. The only way to see it if u go out of the smoke but then u will be spotted. My suggestion it to put a awareness similar to sixth sense where it will light up when u in the smoke and will turn off when u came out of it.


3. Showing team and enemy details as an option to turn on instead of pressing alt


Quite straightforward, better to have an option to keep it on whether then keep pressing alt everytime to see what ship is that and how much health. Additionally, one thing that is not on the details is what tier they are, nice it will be added.


3.5 Showing details on planes.


Similar concept as the suggestion before, details on the ally planes and enemy player. The reason why is because when i was using the tier 4 langley, i was facing another langley and an independence tier 5, if i was to use my fighter against another langley fighters, i have a 50/50 chance of winning if he upgraded his, but if the independence has the upgraded grumman fighters, my fighters would lose, Now the problem is, i do not know what type aircraft are being flown by them because it didnt give me any details of them, and its hard to identify them by looking because they r very small in carrier view even zoom in.


4. Improve the visual and battle on planes too


When a squadron is in the air, u will only see it as one plane. For ships, they have to see the health only to guess how many it has, for carriers is easier because they can see the number of its own planes at the middle bottom but it will be helpful if u can show all the planes in the air to help give a visual aid on how many torpedo r coming and what not. Additionally, improve the battle between the planes, because it is hilarious to see two fighter fighting each other by having both come to a complete stop in the air and just random explosion around the planes.


5. Show the water ripple when torpedo is moving.


In the games played, it is very hard to spot a torpedo unless it is very close and by that time, it is too late to maneuver. For torpedo bombers, i have identified a problem with its torpedo launching. When they launch their torpedo, it is actually really easy to know when, because they move weirdly by going back and forth when launching torpedo, however, once they been launch, they are not marked for another 2-3 sec, which is again giving less time to maneuver. Firstly, i would suggest when the torpedo is being launched, it will give a splash when it reach the water, and show the water ripple before they are marked to give us more time to maneuver. With this, it will also help dodge destroyer long range torpedo shooting if we can see the water ripple at a farther distance.


Thats all the suggestion i could think of as of right now.

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Number 4: Go to settings, enable "Animate Small Objects". Squadrons will be represented by its complement rather than a single plane. AA, secondary guns, and various other things will also look a lot better.



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Suggestion 5 would have more to do with your graphic settings I would say, been a few players where you can see the tail of a torp in the water as it heads towards the ship; and the other thing as well, the more experienced torp bombers hover near you, then drop almost on top of you so you don't have time to react.

As for the long ranged torps, in the middle of your screen, there's an orange torpedo icon, that indicates where a torpedo is coming from, both friendly and enemy; but again, also they do have a tail in the water.. or are what your asking for is a longer tail for the torps? and the little cone-head(movie) splash like jumping off a dive board?

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I'll only agree this if They Erase the alarm, It's kinda annoying to play with destroyer now


And then the BBs will be crying fowl. 


As for the numbers,


1. I agree with this. The commanders should be lower, or you have them the moment you start playing like how WoT did it.

2. This can be solved by knowing how you place your smoke. Where you move will be where the trail leads. A little planning can go a long way.

3 & 3.5. Pretty alright suggestions. There should be an option to enable them like WoT.

4. Was already explained.

5. Like Harpoon suggested, if you ever add ripples to torpedoes, then remove the sound and markers.

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