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Suggestion: Rework Torpedo Launch Mechanics

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I'm mostly confident that this is not intentional (and therefore, more strictly a bug report rather than a suggestion) but correct me if I'm wrong (and please quote a source).


Currently, if you are launching torpedoes from any ship that has more than one launcher, you will need to wait for all the torpedoes of the first launcher to leave before you can aim or launch the second launcher. The delay's duration depends on how many torpedoes your ship has on a single launcher, so this is especially annoying for high tier destroyers that often have quadruple or quintuple launchers, for which the delay can be up to 3 seconds.

From a logical standpoint there is no reason why the two launchers should not be able to be independently targeted and launched. From a balance standpoint, with the addition of so much radar and hydro, alongside the ridiculous effectiveness of high caliber AP shells against DDs, I really don't see why DDs need this one extra handicap.


So yeah, I would love to see a rework on the torpedo launch mechanics, specifically being able to aim and launch the second launcher while the first launcher is unloading. I think this is a reasonable thing to do after the recent rework on CV UI that made it much more responsive and enjoyable to use. Maybe give DD captains a little bit of sweetness as well?

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