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Any hints for Defend Newport scenario?

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I have played this a dozen times and find it rather frustrating.

Without a good CV, hard to even survive.

Have seen victories with three stars, but never 4 or 5.

Has anyone hints for this scenario?

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The most important bit is making sure the first 3 waves are stopped before getting to your base. What many players do wrong is they try to conserve HP in the early part by hiding behind islands and limiting their field of fire which allows enemy ships to get through. This is how teams always fail the 5 stars requirement.


The 2nd most important bit is making sure the Lex survives (its planes will be a great help). Having your own CV is key, because surface ships almost never can get to it in time to help especially if it spawned on the opposite side of where the team is due to randomness. The CV should have his bombers ready to attack the Mogami/Hipper as soon as it spawns, so it shouldn't use them to attack the last ship of the third wave unless absolutely necessary.


Best solution: Div with as many trusted players as you can, and always bring a CV. Keep in mind of the two things mentioned above.



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Wow. I feel sorry about u. But seriously u still ain't get 4/5 star till now? I tough it was easy & I'm play it every time (since I love to farm exp and credit).

Anyway here something may help u.


It is NOT RECOMENDED to play tier 5 ships.

1. For cruiser, go for Leander, Cleveland, Budyonny & Nurnberg (but this guy easy get nuke even with enemy HE) . All of them very good to deal damage. But for the best is Leander.

2. For DD's, everything is fine except IJN DD's since the bot are very very good in torpedobeat. For better choice go for Farragut (best smoke and gun).

3. For BB's - everything is fine, but if u not a good in sniping, be a tanker for ur team instead of being sniper at behind of the map.

4. For CV's - well I'm only have Ryujo right now but I don't know about other USN CV's, but as long u good at manual drop, I guess everything will be fine.


Hint to play Leander :

BTW Leander got smoke & hydro- even better if u get extra consumable if u not cheapskate player. Position ur ships & ur guns; then pop-up ur smoke between the enemy fleet in 1st and 2nd wave; but don't too far from ur base.

Then park urself in front of main battery island when the 3rd wave. Make sure u kill Myoko & the DD's fast. Never ever stay behind the island & don't YOLO.

U can use this method if u using DDs.


Another hint - Remember the bot move straight line, so position urself at their broadside & aim for their citadel. Easy farm damage and kill.

Again, don't snip. Ever - if u planning to reach ur main objective while farm exp & credit at the same time



Good luck and fair sea..... and if u still can't make it.



Feel free to find me & tag me in the game. :D





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1. Having a Good CV REALLY helps. Ask him to kill the CVs and deal with any ships that is threatening the defense line.

Without it, the mission do become quite a bit tougher as you lose that initial DPS and the Perma Fire trick, but it is do-able if your team have a brain play properly.


2. Stop the 3 waves of attack at all cost. If they breach the defense line....

A. The Lexington won't spawn and;

B. There will be a Hiryu spawning with 2/2/2 (Ryujo CANNOT deal with it as it only have 1 Fighter squadron and its under-tier-ed; Independence will struggle if you don't have 7 Fighter squad and the fighter upgrade).


3. Strike a balance between rushing and hiding back in the base in the repair zone.

So many time you see people (Usually, French CLs and All DDs) rush out to where they spawn and try to torp/DPS a certain ship down. Thats a terrible idea - you are better off asking your team to focus fire (Just press F3, simple).

Other times (Mostly Fuso-s, coz MUH 21KM RANGE Me no need go out), people sit in the repair zone and just sit there. It works, but the problem is your team is basically fighting without you and also, one less target to distract the bot with.


4. Kill the DDs, FIRST.

I don't understand why people are so obsessed with shooting at BBs and Cruisers. I mean yes you get big numbers, but the problem is that the DDs are rushing straight for the defense line. And y'all know what happens after that line is breached. Torps are bad for your health too - so please shoot at it, FIRST.


Ship to carry your eveyday random teammates:

Ryujo - lots of DPS, fast reload time.

Cleveland - lots of AA, lots of 152mm gun, lots of fire and damage.


Ship that kinda sucks in the mode:

All IJN DDs. - IJN DDs rely too much on torpedo and their DPS is too low. You need DPS in these scenarios.

Aoba and Furutaka - Again, DPS is too low. Torp helps but these bots loves to citadel you when you turn broadside for some fishing.

Independence - It's better than no CV, but it's reload time is too low and you usually can only focus on one target at a time. Also Manual drop on the DB is really annoying when you line up a perfect drop and RNG decided to screw you up.


And one more thing, PLEASE stop bringing Tier 5s. Tier 6 struggles and you tell me you will be fine a Tier 5? No need to lower your chance to win by not bringing better ships.

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All you have to do is holding the first 3 waves then the rest is easier.
Failing to do so lead to rapid downfall of the whole operation.

CV can strike anywhere but that doesn't mean CV has to strike everything surface units can't shoot at !.
It is all down to you surface units to position yourself well to prevent the first 3 waves from getting through.

Repair in the middle of first 3 wave of attack is not reccomened.
All because if attackers happens to get through first line of defense it is a downfall of the whole operation anyway.

Edit: Tier 5 ships are fine as long as the first 3 waves of attack doesn't get through your first line of attack. Scenario is the best place for them to grind through anyway.

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Got five stars in four out of three runs. Budy, Spee, Emerald, and Emerald was actually my best round. 


I'll strongly support what folks have been saying: don't let anything get through in the first three rounds. We lost the fourth run because we let someone through, and it gets exponentially more difficult if that happens. Your team loses a Lexington and the bots gain a Hiryu. I'll admit having a good CV helps. My div mate was running strike Ryujo and he knew all the right places to put his planes having played it many times before we divisioned. That being said, he had been unable to get more than four stars solo queuing too, so carriers still can't carry all the way.

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Regarding IJN DDs in Newport scenario, with Kamikaze and Fubuki as well as exceptional team mates, we earned 5 stars.

There are plenty of islands for stealth and ambush torping. The only downside is the CV in my team tend to compete with same targets that my torps are already in the water. So choose bots that isn't the nearest to everybody (especially CV) and isn't half dead to maximise damage potential.

The other downside with DD is that if you show yourself, bots tend to target you over the forts, more so if you're half dead. Which is why I didn't use my USN DD.


To OP, randoms are randoms in Scenarios. Best of luck in getting a somewhat competent team mates, or better yet Division.

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Would add, when protecting the Lex, always go for Mogami first. She has much more firepower than the hipper. This is especially important if you are the CV player. Still this is the star that is common to lose, as the Lex may yolo herself to death later on, or your team is simply too far away when she spawned and the CV planes are late.


The first 3 waves are basically a dps test, if your team fails it, it is unlikely you get a lot of stars for that battle.

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