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Aaarrrgghhh World Of Team kill !! RANT

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This team kill problem is getting worse !!

Yesterday, was in a T7 game,in esturary, where when we started, I was in my Arizona, & one of our DDs fires torpedoes behind me... I manage to dodge them & he goes off attacking another player... Then he got wiped out by an enemy ship... Meanwhile IN THE SAME MATCH, an enemy Geneisenau team killed his teams Nagato, so they both blow up....

Another match t5, I was itrn my Konig & saw a DD kill a friendly Karlsruhe, & the DD instantly exploded..


Today, I was in my Oleg in Solomon islands, 3 dds & 1 cruiser were firing torpedo's as soon as the game started, then one dd chased me until one of the other dds got him at cap B in the middle, while I was shooting at enemy dds, trying to dodge enemy fire from B as well as dodge friendly torpedoes, then the cruiser starts shooting at me & the other dds, so then the 2 remaining dds & the cruiser start their own war at B & torp each other to death..

 They ignore me from this point, the cruiser ends up surviving the friendly torps fest only just, only to get wiped out by the enemy who by this time has come at us via A, I survive a bit longer but am sunk by the enemy because of low health & 2 enemy BB,  & a cruiser that I really damaged...

Of course we lost, because of the team kill massacre in B by the the 3 dds & the cruiser...

there must be a new curse out there... Either that or somethings gotten into the water !!! arrrgghhh. :Smile_izmena:

/Rant over

on the good side, I did have a couple of good games in my Konig Albert, & in my New Mexico, including 28,000 odd double citadels on a crusier.



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changed the sentence aouund.

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1 hour ago, Ordrazz said:

there must be a new curse out there


This one seems fit the bill. The "Rat curse" in Hai-furi causing mutiny.




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School holidays. All of a sudden I am seeing a lot of players who lose more than they win.

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I have killed team mates with my torps a few times. Generally, my stupidity or they suddenly turning and charging into my torps like they wanted to commit suicide.

What you describe sounds like a string of extreme examples.

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