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Thoughts on Grozovoi

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Just wondering whether anyone else is playing it? - or has played a decent number of games in it. If so, what do you think?


I've played around 20 matches in mine - and am just starting to get a feel for it - and starting to like it. My stats are pretty dismal - and certainly not as good as Udaloi - but with the upcoming ROF and concealment buffs I've been wondering why it is so unpopular. 


A few observations:

- I have never played against another Grozovoi

- I feel no pressure to perform in it - unlike in ostensibly strong DDs like Fletcher; team mates don't seem to expect much from you - i never get abused for not capping

- My basic tactic is to aggressively escort other DDs (so if a fletcher is trying to cap; i hang about 2km back and as soon as it spots a red DD I open fire; hoping either to draw fire away from friendly fletcher, or just intimidate); i think this is a great role for the ship early game; late game i harass BBs

- AA is decent (I run AA mod 2; which brings my AA score to 72); but could be better and I wish they would buff it a little; but it's nice to shoot down a plane now and again; and useful for dealing with spotting planes and fighters

- It's harder to dodge shells, feels like a brick after Udaloi - can easily lose half hp to an amagi 16km away while trying to dodge

- Big window for stealth torping: 10 torps in the water;  

- Guns are great - accurate, hard-hitting; even the HE does a few k damage per salvo against BBs (not including fire), and with 3.3s reload that can add up if you catch them with turrets facing away from you, or are safe in smoke or cover. I've racked up a few 100k damage games; 

- It's fast enough to be really useful: 41.5 knots with flag (I run DAA so not sure about engine boost) 


Anyway - I'm surprised to not see more out there. I know Flamu did a video saying it is rubbish; and it certainly feels sluggish after Udaloi, particularly because it is harder to dodge and kite - but I think with a few more games under my belt, and after the next buff, it will be viable. I'm not trying to argue that it's particularly strong at any role - but it is certainly fun and more versatile than I expected. 





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because it isnt OP even though it's a russian T10, that and the fact the groz was supposed to be a very nice and special little AA boat back in the testing phrase, but got nerfed to high hell when it actually did come out

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I really want to like the Groz, and I had some really good games in it, but the overall package isn't good enough for tier 10. I also use your tactic of keeping 1-2km behind a friendly capping DD then opening up on the enemy DD once it is spotted.  After that you do a lot of shooting from smoke and behind cover, while looking for opportunities to exploit your torps and dpm.

The guns are the best thing about it, the range on them is short, but they are the best destroyer guns in the game apart from that.  Really effective. 

There are a lot of negatives though. The torps are average at best - I can deal with them being slow with poor damage, but that cool down is way too long for torps of that quality.  The maneuverability and speed are not good enough for what is supposed to be a short-mid range gunboat.  Combine your poor maneuverability, average speed and huge size and you get a ship that is ridiculously easy to hit at all ranges within your gun range of 13.2km. That is in the end the main weakness of the ship, you really struggle to avoid enemy fire.  The upcoming gun buffs and stealth buffs for Groz are nice and all, but what it really needs are buffs to speed, turning circle and rudder shift.  I'd happily give up some stealth and dpm for that.  You go from the Udaloi with it's excellent handling and relatively compact size to the Groz and wonder why you bothered.  Reminds me a bit of going from Fletcher to Gearing.

Even with the upcoming changes Groz still won't be on par.  Hopefully they eventually work out the bits they need to buff and do it right.

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