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Heroes of the seas.

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Random thread to acknowledge the deeds of heroic men during Naval conflicts. Apart from my past relatives there is always one man who comes to mind when trying to explain self-sacrifice and just how far some are willing to go to protect their mates.


Ordinary Seaman Edward "Teddy" Sheean:


Teddy served onboard HMAS Armidale - a Bathurst Class Corvette - during her escort duties along the East Coast of Australia and in New Guinea waters before the ship was transferred to Darwin to be tasked with assisting Australian operations in Timor.


Late in 1942, Armidale sailed on operations to Betano, Timor, with HMAS Castlemaine. Numerous times they were attacked by Japanese aircraft but continued on. During a subsequent confrontation with 13 Japanese aircraft (9 Bombers and 4 Fighters), Armidale was hit by two torpedoes - one hitting on her port side and the other hitting her engineering space - and a bomb which exploded aft. As she began to sink the order to abandon ship was given.


After helping to free a life-raft, Teddy was wounded by two bullets in the chest and back as the Japanese continued to strafe and fire at sailors in the water. He dragged himself to the aft Oerlikon 20mm cannon, strapped himself in and began shooting at the fighters in an effort to protect some of the sailors already in the sea. Subject to the fire from Sheean's Oerlikon, the Japanese aircraft were kept at bay and were unable to effectively strafe those survivors in the water.


With Armidale rapidly sinking, Sheean continued to fire and managed to shoot down one of the Japanese bombers. He damaged a further two aircraft before Armidale's stern was engulfed by the sea. Despite this, Sheean maintained his fire as the water rose above his feet, and remained firing as he "disappeared beneath the waves".Teddy's crewmates later testified to witnessing tracers rising from beneath the water's surface as Sheean was dragged under.


Thanks for reading.



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