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PVE "Tactics" please read if you play PVE

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I will not swear. I will be good. BUT...

If you play PVE, often, always, or just now and then, PLEASE...


It is really simple, they are not human.


1) The bots are aggressive. They will come down the middle most times. If they see one ship only, and that ship runs away, they will follow in a conga-line.

2) They will concentrate their fire on the visible DDs. If no visible DD, then closest human player. So stay together, and concentrate your fire.

3)  and if there is a carrier on your team, screen it. Bot carriers can see you at all times. Don't believe me? Get in a DD and race up the side of the map, unspotted. And watch as those Divebombers make a beeline straight to you. So don't bother trying to "Trick it", it will come straight for you.

4) As mentioned earlier. The most important point. If you go off by yourself then not only do you become a passive observer, but your team can be outgunned. The number of times I have seen bots overwhelm thinking human players is embarrassing. And in almost every case where the team got smashed there are one or two players in a bottom corner somewhere.


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I feel that all the other 3 Scenarios I can reliably carry in a CV or in a Cruiser - for whatever reason, Raptor Rescue had been a painful experience.


7 out of 10 games people seems to not know the first CV is at the bottom right spawn, and it is only when you ping the map multiple times they bother to look for it.

Even more people don't tend to shoot DD but goes for Cruisers and Battleships - but in this Scenario DD is incredibly dangerous to the Raptor and the support ship since they don't really evade. *Shrug*


With the Dunkirk scenario leaked..... oh boy will that be a painful experience as well.

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I have the following strategy for raptor rescue if you're playing CV[Ryujo in this case] in a random team.


Start sailing at 1/4 the speed and trailing behind the Engineer group. Keep it slow and stay to the southern side.

1) Sortie your torp bombers first. Take down Furutaka. If done right, you can destroy it in one manual bombing run with both your squadrons.

2) Use your Dive bombers and hit the Miyogi. Manual targeting and you can inflict between 5 to 10k damage with bonus fires as well which will force the Miyogi to burn it's extinguisher.

3) Sortie your FTs and fly them south BUT DO NOT CROSS THE CHAIN OF ISLANDS. Let them fly around somewhere in the middish to southish. [This is important as you don't want to be triggering the southern CV event just yet because the enemy CV does not start flying it's planes unless it gets detected. You should focus on other waves first.]

3) By this point your TB should be ready back in the sky too. Combine then and head towards Miyogi. If it still has more than 20k hp, torp it. Otherwise ignore and continue flying North. It's AA is pretty crap so you won't suffer any losses unless RNG is in a bad mood which it normally isn't.

Here things change a bit. Aoba,Myoko and Kuma tend to randomly come from either North or South.

If North:

a) Your TB squadron is already there. Torp run and take down the Myoko as it's the bigger threat and at a bad angle for your team mates to score citadels. Again, one good torp run should be enough.

b) Avoid using your DB but if you feel comfortable, fly them off and focus on the Aoba. If you couldn't kill the Myoko then focus that instead. Your priority should be Myoko first and Aoba second. Forget the Kuma. I personally don't use my DBs at all and just combine them and fly them off to near my FTs.

If South:

a) Turn your TB squadrons around and focus on Aoba instead in this case. Reason being, it's the farthest from the southern point along with Kuma. Myoko spawns too close behind the islands and you run the risk of detecting the enemy CV and we don't want that yet. Leave the Kuma for your team mates.

4) At this point once the second wave is crippled, reload your TBs and fly them near one of the islands where your FTs are on standby. Fly your DBs south somewhere in the middle in the meantime while your TBs are getting into position. Now, fly your FTs towards the south eastern corned and detect the CV. DO NOT GET CLOSE. Unlike the Killer Whale scenario, the combined weak AA of Kuma, Minekaze, CV and it's FTs will kill your own FT if you engage them overhead. Instead turn around after the enemy CV sorties out the FT and bait it to run after you. Then when it's near, turn around and strafe. You should kill about 3 at least or wipe it out completely if you have AS. Focus on taking down enemy TB and DB for now and keep your other planes on standby as Minekaze will smoke the enemy CV and you will just lose planes by the time you get to it. Don't let your FT go too far though. If you even kill 2 of the squad planes, that's enough. Just wait and let the CV exist the smokescreen as it starts sailing west after making a sharp turn. The best way to know when to start your strike run is to wait for the second FT group to take off. When that happens, immediately turn your FTs towards it. Strafe or simply tie it up, doesn't matter because the CV should be in sight again. Start your run with the TB. You should be able to score about 4 torps at the varying speed the CV is at or completely destroy it if you can time your run correctly. Mostly I can't, that's why I keep those DBs standing by. Because the CV is now sailing west, your DBs are directly in front. Perfect angle for manual drop. Do it, and you should either wipe it or at least start multiple fires. Hopefully, if your team isn't a complete potato they will take care of the CV even if it even survives your DB drop.

5) Minekaze will die while pushing and you can safely ignore the Kuma hiding behind the islands. It will take the southern route behind the islands instead of engaging.

6) Turn your attention North. Sortie your TBs and head in the middlemost until Aoba comes into sight. Wait for it to exit out of the island and then torp it to death or cripple at least. You should also re-arm your FTs at this point and fly them east. Again, take care not to go to the edge. Just stay a bit away from the area so you don't trigger the west CV event just yet. Re-arm your DBs and sortie them.

7) Once the 2 DDs and Kuma are dead you have a choice. Focus on the CV or focus on Miyogi/Kongo. Either way your ship should be near the raptor group by now but still a bit to the south. Move behind islands for cover.

a) Focus on CV: If you decide to focus on the CV first, sortie your DB out and fly them somewhat near to the south eastern corner. Position your TBs near your FTs too. Once your DB squadrons are near the edge, fly the FTs near the middle of the western boundary line to detect the CV. Since the CV is alone, you can engage the enemy FTs overhead if you want. Personally I strafe and then engage so I can focus on TB and DB faster. Once your DB's are right behind make the TB do a run. You will have to do some precise calculations since the CV is hugging the edge line and your manual run interface isn't gonna position past the boundary line. Sucks I know but if done correctly you MIGHT hit 4 torps or at the very best 2. Doesn't matter though since your goal should be to make it turn towards the boundary line to avoid torps and basically stop dead in it's tracks. Start your DB run and score some massive 5 to 15k hit with fires on it. If your team is good, they will kill off the stranded CV with focus fire. If not... well keep rearming your DBs and TBs until the CV is dead. Once it's dead, focus on Miyogi and Kongo ONLY. Kuma and Minekaze don't matter unless they are too close to the Raptor and will slam torps into it. In that case, focus them and force them to show broadside to avoid your torps/bombs. [Personally I don't like this strategy as I waste quite a bit of my DPM potential here.]

b) Focus on BB: Second method of dealing with the final wave is my preferred one. Mostly because most random teams are either half dead at this point or close to it so I focus more on the two ships that can wipe them off. Sortie your FT first and have them standby near the western edge but not too close. Just far enough to avoid detecting the enemy CV and let it sail from south to north without sortieing any planes. Fly your TBs and DBs to the north western edge and start your strike run. Personally I focus on Miyogi first because a) it has a lower health pool and b) it's slow to turn. Continue your strike runs in this fashion for both ships. Somewhere along the way the enemy CV will wake up and start sending it's own planes. Use your FT to engage them and keep them from torping your allied ships. Take special care to take down TBs as they might torp the raptor and blow it to kingdom come. Fortunately your Rator wakes up too and will use it's own planes alongside yours. This will help keep your focus on the strike run while your FTs can take down enemy planes on auto mode. Once both BBs are down, you're free to focus on the enemy CV now because by this time it will stop hugging the boundary line and instead take a turn and start sailing eastward. One good torp or DB run should be enough. Finally when all are dead near the rendezvous point, do a final run south and hunt that last Kuma down. Shouldn't be hard.


That's about it. Sorry for the long wall of text. I use the Operations mode to train my CV captain so I play the mode quite a bit. Hopefully it helps someone.



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I am personally not looking forward to the Dunkirk pve because a lot of the time in a full team. At least one or two will [Content Removed] it up for you and the ,at home is ruined and will never be finished but I will go though because you will never get another chance, good tips as well but I have nothing to show for, bring on the witch hunt.

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