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I'm A Noob :(

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So It was a T9 match I was Fletcher on the map loop I was spawned right in front of B so I rushed B(because I heff Island to cover myself) and others went to A and C respectively.. I had capped B then a Tashkent entered the cap I spotted him and was spamming F3 at him(because that's what I learned if you cannot kill something ask help)but no one shoots at him.. then he smoked up and I torp'd him thinking he is gonna stay there but he left(I missed) then this one guy started saying that I was a noob(which I know I was)... I was trying my whole to win the game.. then he died and started throwing insults at me(never mind people like to talk trash).. In the end it was a loss..


Now I cannot decide that If I want to play the DDs or not because I'm such a Noob and cannot win the games :(




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1 minute ago, BanditSE1977 said:



That score clearly shows you have no idea what you are doing and need to go seal clubbing T1 till you get better!  :D

Nice troll....


Anyway back to your point of this guy insulting you.  I am sure you know how to get replays enabled....simple report him.  End of story.

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