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I am a new player and was trying to download the game. It took me around 12 hours altogether to download (internet speed Avg 150 kbps). When I had 500mb left in the 4.7g I paused the download. When I came back I find out there was a new update and the downloader is making me download 4.5 GB again. I went into the files and all the program I had installed was there. Really don't want to do the download again. Not sure if the update was 4gbs big either. Is there any other way to get the installer back to where it was. Please Help Me.

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Hi adrian_mul,

The first time installation is quite big, so you would not be able to avoid the large downloads which are usually separated into multiple parts. After that, any major game updates is usually around 1GB-4GB in size.

After installation/updating successfully, be sure to check the updates folder in your install path, and delete the files in them to reclaim some of your hard drive space.

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umm yeah

there was update yesterday.

i've been in ur position once. and there is no other way redownloading that part. cuz yeah. the old file was obsolete


for the first time download/installing

usually its divided into 2 part

the first part is 4GB ish

the second part is around 8GB ish (divided into 3 files) 

totalled around 12GB ish


the game usually doing big update every 3 weeks with update around 1~2 GB

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