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Hidden achievement?

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I just got an achievement with the icon being a hand holding an anchor. The achievement is named "crash tester"

I was in my De Grasse. During the game I shoot a lot of onshore installations, and got rammed by a Cimarron but survived. I presume the achievement's condition is "ramming an enemy ship (supply ship?) (And survive?) in a PvE scenario" It's definitely not shooting onshore installations, as I always loved shooting them but never got this achievement.

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Honestly, the jury is still out on this achievement. A lot of folks reported that they crashed into a lot of npc ships in different scenarios and still didn't get it. Most folks who said that they did get the achievement reported so while playing a carrier. Some, like yourself, reported getting it on a cruiser. So like I said, not really clear what triggers this achievement exactly.


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