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Cannot control my rudder

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When I played the game, occationally rudder control going disabled. As you know, someone control the direction by 'wasd' system.(of course, 'qe' also can be used)


In normal case, when I stopped to pushing button, ship's rudder is promptly normalized. But my case, It did not work.


Here is my video (I recoreded this video ONLY ONE-HANDED, because of I want to solve my problem through your answer)


The symptom is started at 14:08. I didn't touch keypad. but the rudder is STILL FIXED, as if fixed by Q,E key.


What's the solution of this problem? What can I do for this? I want to your help, friends.

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have u tried using external keyboard. as in normal USB PC keyboard.


its probably caused dead keyboard (stuck key) that causing ghost key

ghost key is happening when a key in the keyboard is pressed continuously(keep pressing without releasing)

when it does happen. keyboard refuse to input another key until the pressed key is released.


normal standard keyboard usually doesnt support anti ghost key.

some cheap gaming keyboard support partial anti-ghost key. and some expensive one support anti-ghost key to whole keyboard.

try grab USB keyboard from ur PC and use it. and see if the symptom still happening

or u can grab some cheap 5 bucks USB keyboard if u dont have 1

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Had same feeling this is hardware issue as well. Defective button.

Your Q & E command can be cancelled out by continuous press of A or D command.

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