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Premiums - Tier 4 Tier

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Hello again, I have seen the new release of long awaited ships such as Perth, Molotov, Dunkerque, Warspite, Lo Yang, Belfast, Saipan and such so with me passing through tier 5-6-7 and the ranked battles coming to mind, what ships should I keep in the inventory for future ranked battles when I get my ships to tier above the ranked requirement?, I will post my options then you can post your recommendations and reasons:

Tier 4: Ishizuchi 

Tier 5: Murmansk

Tier 6: Warspite/Graf Spee/Molotov/Duca d'aosta

Tier 7: Saipan/Belfast/Scharnhorst/Blyskawica

Tier 8: Tirpitz/Atago/Kutuzov/Kidd (secret fletcher)


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Tier 4,5 i doubt will ever make it into a ranked season as they are early game content

So tier 6 : Anshan , Warspite are esp recommended

tier 7 :  Payfast , saipan are the prime culprit for the OP cries , Scharnhorst are very good if you feel guilty about the former 2

tier 8 : Kutuzov ( IFHE is a must for her ) , Derpizt will require considerable skill while Atago is the most well rounded.

I strongly discourage using Saipan for ranked as cv are rare and everyone will equip DFAA if they see a CV in que

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I own a huge fleet of premiums, here are my picks not just for ranked, but overall.


T2: Smith, Emden

T3: Konig Albert

T4: Ishizuchi

T5: Murmansk, Kamikaze

T6: Arizona, Dunkerque, Anshan, Perth, Shinonome, Warspite

T7: Sims, Blyskawica, Saipan, Scharnhorst, Belfast

T8: Tirpitz, Lo Yang, Prinz Eugen, Mikhail Kutuzov, Atago, Alabama

T9: Missouri 

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