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Graphical improvements

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A truly fantastic game and a very dedicated developers team makes this experience a true gem in gaming history. We seen great improvements in sound and graphics every since the infancy of WOWS as time passes. With new graphical updates I been seeing my frame rates drop little by little as the game evolves. There was a few posts in 2015. 2016 about asking the developers team to please add crossfire/sli support to this fantastic game. (we players also enjoy every little detail (love) of the hard work developers put in each ship, map..... ). Upon community request WoT developers did include crossfire/sli support in the game which did improve the the detail and experience of the game. However in WOWS the instead of adding support over the years the opposite happened after some patches in 2016 even forcing the drivers to run in crossfire/sli stopped working. We understand your hard work, effort and love you put in developing this game. It may cost you some money to dedicate a few programmers to build a frame around crosfire/sli support but this would only strengthen and future proof you projects in the ever demanding graphical breakthroughs. If you look into my account I do contribute and buy ships and accessories released in the past. Even when it's criticized as overpriced in the community. I may agree with them but I think of the time and money spent to get certain ships into the game by popular demand and you put it on exclusive (higher priced) for a few weeks. I get that. It would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people to also add crossfire/sli support so we can all enjoy the details of this beautiful game in a higher resolution and frame rate. 

There are situations when the answer is not as simple just buy a new video card. 

1. Lot of people specially in Australia and the US already have dual gpu's (waste that one of the GPUs standing idle while wows running)

2. Lot cheaper to add a second gpu (which is not top of the line) to your pc than buy a brand new gtx1080 which cost a fortune

3. Able to run 2x rx480 or even x2 R9290x   ( gtx 2x 980, 780) is a looooot cheaper than getting an Nvidia 1080 but in order to get the same performance out we need the crossfire/sli support

4. Laptop gaming a some players using a laptop with dual Nvida or AMD cards and for them it;s not as simple as go and get a new video card if you not happy with frame rates. They need to get a new laptop instead of the easy solution switching on the second gpu.

My situation, I'm an Alienware 18 gamer already have the top GPU's my mobo can take 2x R9 m290x even one runs the game pretty nice at the moment but because I run and ultra wide 21:9 3440x1440 my frame rates way below 60fps in high settings more like around 30fps. When I log into world of tanks with my second GPU kicking in is beautifully running at ultra settings with over 60fps.

I assume as ultra wide monitors and 4k gaming evolving all the workload for 1 gpu will significantly increase even if the game isn't that demanding. Hence I used the term future poof the game so we can get this game running 4k Ultra Wide. For that we need a very beefy video card or two high- endish gpu's

So frustrating to hear my gpu fan running so high to keep the game running on this resolution and keep up with the frame rates while my other gpu is idle. (having a smoke brake watching my active gpu working so hard) 

Please consider to add the support in a near future update.

As always thanks for listening.

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