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Detonation aka KaBooom

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according to wiki.wargaming.net , Detonation - Receive damage to the magazine resulting in detonation. Can be obtained once per battle.

in BB and CA, ship magazine located in the bottom of their main gun.

but in CV(only secondary) and DD(main gun in secondary size) i don't know where their magazine location (because i'm not warship expert :fish_book:).


and here my question:

are AA ammo(yeah, they must stored it somewhere in the ship) and torp can resulting in detonation? 

are ships in this game have fuel and can be detonated?


if the developer make their magazine location visible in armor layout, we can't stop blame RNG for give us 10 free juliet charlie flag, and maybe someday there will be player who expert in detonating enemy ship

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I have 800 detonation flag which must tell you something hmmm.

Magazine location is a non factor as you cant stop rng from screwing you esp in a dd and you have little control over where enemy shells land specifically on your ship unless you use the show shell landing spot mod which is a cheat in itself.

Detonations are not fun if it happens in the beginning of the match, but otherwise it add the lol factor to gameplay.

It is fun to detonate a unicum, extremely sastifying

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