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Extracting Commander Exp.

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So now we have a Plus sign in front of our ships commander After the implementation of  ' Elite cmmdr. exp.' which we can use to fast train a cmmdr.  On similar lines i suggest that WG should also allow us to 'Extract' the exp. a cmmdr. have (maybe even by using doubloons)  by placing a 'Negative sign' along side the "Plus sign '' so that we can Dismiss the extra commanders lying in our reserves that we dont intend to use in future.



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18 hours ago, icy_phoenix said:

Does it have to be this complex? You can just right click on  a commander and choose "Dismiss"....

He probably didn't know about that feature XD :kappa:


Joking aside, I understand what you mean though, FiElD_MaRsHaL_. It's basically to reduce waste, and so you can easily train and retrain commanders as you please.

However, I see not having this system to be an in-game feature though. It's like a representation of life - you invest time and resources into something for medium and long-term benefit. For example, why train several commanders when you're actually not keeping them in the long run anyway? You can't take back all the time and resources you invested into training those commanders; it's a like a metaphor in life.


For example, before I get into a line I assess which ships and how many commanders I should keep. You may enjoy some of the low-tier ships in that line, but eventually you'd have to grow out of them and transfer their commanders to their higher tier counterparts as you progress. It's what I'm doing w the French line actually - I'm leveling 4 commanders in my low-tier ships and transfer them eventually after attaining 10-11 points XD


Now before you might say "but this is a game, not real life", well... how you behave in any situation - be it day-to-day, formal or recreational - is reflective of your character as a person. I'm a serious kinda guy, so I also try to reply as earnestly as I can. Just my two cents' as to why we don't exactly need the commander exp extraction feature.


Buuut if it's a doubloons-required feature WG might consider that, realistically speaking.

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