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What does Sigma and Alpha Strike means?

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Alpha Strike : The highest possible number of damage a ship can deal in 1 salvo.(without including defence reduction of enemy ships - it always asume the target take full damage / Citadel hit and all munitions hit target)

for example, a cruiser AP shell deal 5900 full damage.

If the cruiser have 12 guns

then the Cruiser AP alpha would be 12x5900 damage = 70.800  Damage (this was alpha)

it same with torpedoes or HE


There armor, defence and varius reduction, not to mention missed shot. so it just measurement on how big the ship full potential on perfect condition


Sigma : Chance the Shells would land closer to center point of what you aimming at (better shot groupping - in gunnery term)

higher number mean better (the highest is 2.1 on Yamato).

It exact nature still undisclossed WG secrets, since sigma is closely related to Horizontal Dispersion and vertical Dispersion to form the total accuracy of the ships gun

Horizontal and Vertical dispersion form roughly a circle or oval. and sigma govern how likely for shell to grouped tightly to the center

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