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New Forum Layout

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I just wanted to share my feedback on the new forum layout that was changed on the 6th.

Post Layout

Why are there gigantic spaces between each line without the option to adjust the line breaks?

The old size was perfect to emphasize a paragraph while using one empty line to seperate paragraphs within a text,

now the user either has to use a double space


to further emphasize on seperate paragraphs or use the horizontal line which really only works for seperating sub topics in a single post

since they make a clean break between text.


I do appreciate that the forum finally converts video and image links automatically, although it doesn't show that

the link is working unless the post is made or the user goes into the advanced editor and preview it.


General Overview

Holy potatoes is it aweful.

The new main page with it's seperated tabs is way too unintuitive and overloaded with terms which aren't easy to figure out.

Why do I have to click on activities, click on unread content and then also, because life isn't complicated enough already get

machine gunned by another dozen tabs with several options half of which just leave gigantic quesiton marks over my head.


Most of the options aren't even useful, search for tag?

Why would I search for a tag when, just like with this thread, the tags are whatever the individual user writes.

Good times of searching for the "Wakka wakka" tag indeed...

Without preset options this tag search serves no purpose other than confusing people when they search for a topic, can't find it

because the last five hundred times it was posted the tag was slightly different and then get trolled for re-posting stuff that has been discussed

a thousand times already.

Not to mention that there's no reason for tag searching when there's sub forums ins-... oh wait...


If you'd like to see an example of how a forum with a proper layout looks, here you have it:



Overall Look

I feel like I'm in a medical facility, everything's so clean and sterile.

I guess it's supposed to give the forum a "modern" "new" look, well, it failed and just looks boring and plain instead.

Not like the old layout was much better, but making things worse sure didn't help.

One Final Advice

Forums are best when they're easy to use, i.e. intuitive.

When you need several lines of text to explain your new and improved features then it's not helping anybody.

Tl:dr, back to the drawing board, back to the old layout and into the trash bin with this one.





A Few More Things

Multi-quote is now a + button instead of... you know... "Multiquote" so any new user has to hover the mouse above it to see what that icon means.

I can understand this change though, there's now all this beautiful empty space where once before the "Multiquote" button was distracting me from the emptiness that surrounds all of us, a truly beautiful artistic change.


We have a calendar now, yay.

A completely useless because empty calendar without anything posted in it.

Also for some reason the initial page is the current day instead of the monthly calendar, because logic dictates that

one goes into detail first and then switches to the general overview instead of... you know...

having the current date highlighted and starting with the monthly overview like any normal human being?


Check this out.

1. Hover your mouse above your pc's clock

2. Left click


It's a calendar, and it starts with an overview of the entire month unless modified, huzzah \o/

You know where a calendar would be useful?

Posted as a thread and stickied in a subforum for "General Purpose Official Threads" so that people that want this kind of information

while scavanging the forums can easily access it.



Friends are now called followers because "We're all Sociel Media now."


Posts just advance endlessly while typing instead of making you scroll after a while.

At first I though this was a good change, then I realised that I have to scroll anyway, especially when I want to use toolbox options like the horizontal lines...

So not only do I still have to scroll through the wall of text now I have to do so more often than before when writing a wall of text.

Great changes so far.

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