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Does the MM match you up based on Games played?

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Well i have spent some time playing on the EU server and i noticed something that maybe of interest for you?  I believe they do match you up based on your "Service Record".   When i was at the lower levels IE 1-7 or so i found nearly everybody did not have camo or 10 point captains etc.... so basically I had all the fun in the world smacking potatoes.    As i got my 10 point captain every game i had 10 point captains against me and far more experienced players as they rarely sailed in a straight line, hell i hardly saw a PINK ship.   I do not believe they MM on w/l but i do believe they are far more friendly to new players, and it does make sense.

Is this just a perception?

Well I guess i need someone else to start on a different server or perhaps different account?

I would be interested in other peoples experiences.

Thanks in advance.

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There's protected MM for low level players, as long as they don't div up with high level players or use mid-high tier ships.

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