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Operation Aegis PvE Guide (June 16)

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Have to make a Guide early so i can try this next weel

2nd Hardest in the Game Mode


There is a Shchors that will report an Enemy wave and you have to kill about 5 enemies in about 3 minutes, Enemies will spawn North West and the Shchors will call some Aerial Bombing on the Enemies (5 minutes), there will be a location that some small Allied Fleet identified a Convoy being Secured by Myoko-class, Furutaka-class and Kuma-class. if you sunk all of them the Convoys are freed....

However... things will  change.....


An Amagi-class Battlecruiser was identified together with unknown 2 Enemy Aircraft Carriers + An Atago class cruiser which will take down the support ships and you need to kill them as fast as you can, the Shchors commander will about to announce an Airstrike bombing on this 2nd mission




If you manage to save the Shchors, you will get an allied aircraft



You need A...

  1. Leander/Cleveland/Budyonny - Versatile Cruisers, Leander can use smoke a bit so that the allies and the Friendly AI can help cover without getting hit, Cleveland can set them on fire, Budyonny can deploy a spotter ship for awhile so it can spot enemies
  2. Fuso/New Mexico- This is the most important and have major roles, you have to destroy an Enemy Fleet from the North and Northwest and protect the Shchors as you can, remember, if the Shchors sunked, call a DD and the commander will be saved
  3. Farragut/Gnevny - These 2 destroyers can help smoke and restore the commander of the Shchors if the cruiser sunked, also they can kill 2 CVs if they reach far beyondhand
  4. Ryujo/Independence - CVs will have to support the Friendly AI Always. Spot any Necessary Enemies and strike them using Bombers, the only way to kill those pesky 2 CVs from the far map is to use a strike loadout from the Indy or the one for the Flattop 
  5. Major Teamwork is needed, Needing for a division is Optional

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stupidly easy, unlike the last mode where you needed to take out multiple higher tier BBs, this mission only requires you take out T4-7 CAs, the only BB that showed up was a ishizuchi, a DD working in tandom with 2 CLs can wipe a whole fleet if needed, they employ massive swarm tatics you you need somthing with high DMP or DPS, shot-17_06.15_10_37.20-0163.thumb.jpg.1940e008aa4941588910892a7f14cc22.jpg

5 stars on first try

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I've had great success with BB's ... 5 times in a row all 5 stars ... Arizona and Warspite seem to work best with 168 + 196K damage respectively and 12 citadels with each ... Fuso and Bayern not so great but that may be because my captains are not so high level.


Definitely much easier than last week.

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i got the five star on the 2nd go la galissonniere than i wanted to take perth into random battles but i forgot to change it  so she got the five stars too.. hope  next weeks is more challenging 

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I got 5 stars in my second aegis battle, even I yolo in graf spee at north-east corner lol

(1st battle i got torped immediately in mahan's smoke, then I observed )
Observe the battle ---> best excuse for early death in a battle :)

12 hours ago, drakon233 said:

stupidly easy


many people said aegis is hard, i'd say stupidly easy too,
just bring 12 14" guns, harvest some citadel hits in 6-8 km, DONE! 


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Never seen an Amagi, even then if there were some high tiers in the last wave we've usually got the convoy almost there...

4 games last night (solos queue)

3x5 stars, 1x4 stars (and that was very close to 5)

Earlier waves need buffs. Enemy CVs won't make a difference even if they buff the tiers on them, so might as well leave them.

The problem is the CVs spawn without support. Even on my Aoba I'd managed to get up to within 4km of where they spawn.

HE, torps and Defensive AA, they never stops a chance...

Ran 1 game in each of the following:

- Ryujo (Strike)

- Fuso

- Aoba

- Fubuki

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Silly autocorrect changed 'Amagi' to 'Amazing'

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