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Possible bug- Campaign task completion

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1. Description

Completed a campaign task- be awarded the "Arsonist" achievement in Task 8 of Phase 2 of the "Science of Victory" campaign, but the task has not registered as completed.
2. Reproduction steps.

I targetted an enemy ship, a Kawachi, which was already damaged, and engaged with HE. 

I kept the ship burning until it was destroyed.

The game awardrd me the "Arsonist" achievement.

The achievement was not acknowledged by the campaign engine and the task was not completed.
3. Result

Mild surprise and the thought there may be a bug.

It did not hinder further game play in that game or the subsequent one.
4. Expected resultThat having achieved "Arsonist" the campaign task would be completed.

5. Technical details

Time of occurrence: about 17:40 (GMT +=10).

Replay file not attached- I did not record the game, Python.log, DxDiag report attached.



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