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Damage Control system mod 1 has different on different ships

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Disclaimer: Right now, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not

According to the description of Damage control system mod 1, you get a 3% reduction to damage received when torpedoes hit the torpedo protection

on Admiral Graf Spee Damage Reduction goes from 22% to 24%, a 2% increase, while hindenburg with a 13% base gets an additional 3% reduction

Colorado goes from 37% up to 39%(2% increase) and ARP Takao goes from 16% up to 18% (again a 2% increase)
even if i assume that damage control system mod 1 is multiplicative to the base torpedo damage reduction, then arp takao doesn't have it's correct reduction since  100-16% base  = 84 % *(100-3%)=81.48%
100-81.48=18.52%damage reduction which should become 19% due to rounding up

I would be grateful if anyone could give me their input on this

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it's not a bug/issue persay.


It's not actually rounded correctly.  More it's truncated.

it's not actually rounded as per what I learned in school all those years ago! (<.5 go down, >=.5 go up)


The calculations are done correctly on the server side, it's purely the way it is displayed that makes it look out of wack.






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