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Customisable Limited-release Premium Ship packages

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I'd like to see a Premium Ship system where along with the standard off-the-shelf packaging, there's custom build options where a customer may purchase any mix of extras from a list, e.g.

  • Premium Ship (always selected)
  • Commemorative Flag (option)
  • Port Slot (option)
  • Camouflage (option)
  • Modules (option)
  • Credits (option)
  • Signals (option)
  • Captain (this could be with 1, 3, 6, or 10 points) (option)
  • Alternate skin (i.e. permanent and switchable alternative skin/name for ship of same class) (option)

Some of the above don't exist and as ideas, I doubt that some are new, but here they're being presented as part of an overall suggestion. 
It would also be cool if some options listed above, such as the commemorative flag the and alternative skin (I know this generally doesn't exist currently except as completely separate anime tie-in ships) are available in-game post-sale along with the permanent camouflage options so a customer has to opportunity to "build" their Premium package while they play and as they can afford it.

This is one way to employ micro-transactions that can simultaneously help a potential customer buy a ship they long for and in return Wargaming has bought the customer's goodwill.
If such a system was employed, then additionally, I'd like to see the custom-build extended to First Release of all new ships (as well as existing packages).
Coupled with this, the practice of staggered high-cost first releases is stopped to make missions utilising the Premium ship more equitable for the broader player base.

I believe if custom builds were available for all Premium Ships, whether for Limited or Permanent Releases, then Wargaming may make more money continuously than they do now and earn the praise of the larger demographic of financially-restrained customers we have in the SEA server.

In closing, I'd appreciate that where members have any comments for or against this topic, that they are constructive, and cited with links if the subject seems familiar.

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When it comes to premium products it's always a tricky blancing act, perhaps they could still have several fixed packages but also have an option to buy certain additions on top of the packages at a discount to what they would be seperately so you have the option to partially customise your purchase. I would like it if you could get higher ranked captains with premium ships, I've thought about it a bit lately and thought it might work well if ships came with (or there was the option to purchase) captains with the corresponding rank as the ships tier, or maybe with an additonal point or two.

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