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Why are humans so brutal?

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Ciao Ragazzi!

So just 1 minute ago, I was crying my eyes out (yes, its weak) because I had three games where I lost 2 for the most pathetic reasons and another where I died within seconds of coming into spotting range. In the first game, we lost in 4 minutes because the ships we lost lost us all the points and we ended up on Zero and on the second one, all the cruisers and destroyer's died in a matter of minutes and only 3 Bismarck's, and Izumo and me in the Colorado were left to fend off the entire enemy team -1 and we lost. On the third battle, I was in a T8 battle (I was in a Colorado) on Hotspot and I was on the area where there is One big island and a couple small ones to the side, I was with an Akatsuki and an....Atago? So I was spotted by a Cleveland, he set me on fire 3 times in the 1st shot......and then a Kutuzov come out and set me on fire again, with three fire on the 1st shot, so i'm there burning away when 3 waves of torpedoes come straight at me, yes three with about 4-5 in each wave, I somehow only took 2/3, so now i'm on 1/5th of health and i'm burning (3 fires) and flooding. The Kutuzov finished me off and I die, overall, 30 minutes of my life wasted by some complete utter noobs, in a TIER 7/8 BATTLE!, notice 30 minutes and not 1 hour for 3 battles as it should be. 5 minutes on the 1st, 20 minutes on the second (the Bismarck's and I held them off but they managed to cap our base) and 5 minutes on the 3rd (around 20 seconds after coming to spotting range!)


I just posted this because I was confused as it is a Wednesday night and not a Saturday/Sunday and that I was wondering if this was an ordinary crappy battle session or an out-of-the-ordinary-battle-session where the noobs are out on Wednesday's again?

Anyways, sorry for wasting you time unless you enjoy suffering

Regards Elmo

P.S, the photo inserting thing isn't working for me so I cant show you the results :cap_wander::cap_fainting::cap_old:

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Its the school holidays, what you expect

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TL:DR for lazy people

1st game: Shit team rush and no one capped

2nd game: CAs pushed while shit BBs camped

3rd game: RNG screwed me bad


Anyways, in reply to OP, you don't rely on your teammates unless they prove that they understand your intention. I once gather 2 other Bismarcks and pushed through a flank and decimated 5 enemy ships through focus fire and HP sharing. This is the power of coordination, had I gone like "Yeah, those Bismarcks would follow if I pushed" I would be dead. So come up with a plan, and inform your team of it. Then confirm it with them and then double confirm it. After that, proceed with caution just in case they screw up anyways. Contrary to popular believe, going F-Key crazy isn't totally a bad idea. Don't spam it so badly that it gets annoying, just twice or thrice to get their attention to low health targets, cap circles that might be threatened soon or open for contest


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