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Toxic and Imbecile idiots

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So I met this guy, [Content Removed] who didn't do anything useful for the team and being extremely toxic.

It didn't smoke for the team, didn't spot and didn't contribute much.. but complaining and talking thrash after it died..

It only managed to get Bottom 5 in the end. There's also another one which its name was too hard to pronounce.. that actually AFK during the match. It's the CV in my team you can find it on the screenshot..


I think it's time for WG to implement "banning system" to make a much better community and experience of the game.

So banned players will not be able to play the game for 1 week for the first ban and gets longer as they commit more and more crime.

Naming and Shaming, Post Edited, User Warned


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1. Remove his name before you get spanked.

2. You complain of toxic behavior yet you use the term imbecile idiot.


If i were you. I ll do what he says mate. Before you eat Crayons.. 


Not a good 1st post and first impression. Better u do something before becoming Forums memes.


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banning system already exist, to report them, send the Replay of his conversation to the Support


to send replay you need to upload it first at wowreplay.com


A trashy mouth only need one screenshot and replay to get temporarily banned from the game, and the punishment increase for each warning he get, until he permanently banned


 for AFK however, it count as passive play

refer to this post



your report might get a respond after 3-14 days

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As a new poster, i strongly suggest you read the rules in the top sections of the forums....


it is not permitted to "name & shame" players like you have, so you need to edit your post immediately, & remove players names, before you get into trouble.


If you have problems with other players, submit a ticket to Wargamings website, back it up with screenshots or videos of the incident. Here on the forums is NOT the place for reporting players or incidents.


Going all cranky about things & players is not a good first post, as others will get yo know your bad side.


AFK players, could have issues with their internet, or computer crashing, or any number of things... WG always looks into repeat AFKers , so don't worry yourself about them.


I think there's an etiquette page for the general forum usage around here somewhere.





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