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What are those rank insignia?

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Ok, before a match and after it, you view the team lists. However, next to some of the names on the side of the name is a rank insignia.

By that, I mean, it resembles the insignia worn to denote rank on naval uniforms.


But only some people have them.


Which makes me ask, what are they? What do they denote? Why do some people have them and how can I get them?

It doesnt look like anything to do with Ranked Battles as that doesnt seem to be aailable yet. I've worked my way up to Tier 6 ships, so I suspect it isn't that. It isn't player rank, I can't find anything on the wiki....


So I come here.


Any ideas?

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Those are rank gained from previous ranked battle, and will gone again when next season of ranked battle starts


The ranked battle seperated by season, if you dont participate and get some rank you will either got no insignia like that or you lost the one you get in previous ranked battle season


Basically those with 1 digit rank are considerred as good players

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