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Never buy a premium CV! KAGE is junk!

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Ill keep it short even thought the anger is much!

So I brought the KAGE CV, never played CV ever, what a joke. The game play is nothing like normal. It's more like wows meets [content removed]. The worst part was not the new game play, but the team. I also told the team i have nevered played CV. So if you have never played CV DO NOT pay your hard earn money to buy something like the KAGA. I do not buy much from wows as it seems  like a rip. I know it does not help being forced into the Asian server as that is also like [content removed]. So I will never pay for crap again in wows. CV play is *&^%ed. The only thing i did learn was how to hate people more than I did yesterday in the southern hem. I love gaming but i hate [content removed] and boy does the asia server make good on them. Sick of reading squares. 



Derogatory insults. Post edited, thread locked to avoid conflagration, user sanctioned.



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