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[Reminder] Prohibited Logos

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Dear Commanders,


Here is a reminder on our stance on prohibited logos which is posted from Tan from WOT and will be applicable to WOWS as well



"Dear Players.

Being an international gaming company, we strive to provide our players with a gaming environment which is free of controversial topics.

One such topic is the Rising Sun flag and its related variants, and how and where they can be used within our gaming environment.

Our stance on this topic has not altered, however to avoid any misunderstandings, please refer to the below guidelines and rulings which clarify some specific points.

Communication platforms

  • Within our forums and other communication platforms such as Facebook, wiki, etc the rising sun flag is permitted to be displayed for relevant topics. 

    For example:  Photographs of current Japanese Defence Ships & Historical Japanese Warships/Planes/Equipment/etc. 

    Are all examples of situations where the rising sun is permitted within our environment. 

    Additionally discussions making general reference to the rising sun flag are also permitted.

  • However, political or nationalistic charged imagery or discussions on the Rising Sun,or associated variants, or any other Religious/Nationalistic/Political topics, are prohibited within our forums and other provided communication platforms.

In Game

  • Players wishing to alter In-game flags to use the "Japanese Rising Sun Flag", or any other alternative flag graphics (Client Side), may install any of the many player made addon "Additional/Replacement flags" mods which are freely available in the "Fanzone - Mods" section of our games forums. WOT Fan Zone / WOWS Game Modification Hub
  • However use of the Rising Sun flag and associated variants, in game (Server Side), such as in the way of "In game clan logo's", are prohibited.


With the above being said.. we look forward to continue to provide all players from all nations and cultures, a fantastic and fun gaming experience.

For a full Ruleset please refer to Game Rules Forum Rules , EULA & TOS



Please note there has been no alteration to the ruling and our stance above.

However there has been a need to provide some examples and make the existing rules a bit clearer..


Additionally with out continued expansion into more and more countries and associated languages, the above required translation and republishing into all of our supported languages."




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