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Need an invite code

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There are no codes for Beta, The only way to get into Closed beta test is by applying via the submissions page on the portal. The page is currently deactivated, as the desired level of applications has been reached for now. Those who received the first email, are in the pool of applicants, that might get in. If they receive the second email, they are accepted as Closed Beta Test participants. There is no other way to become a Closed Beta Tester. 

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OMG, I'm waiting for the time WoWs Close Beta to apply the form! Then...I can't access to the page! The page load too slow! It must be accessed by a large people who want to play like me! I try an hour then give up! I think tomorrow It's will better to access! Then the page close! How bad it is! :( 

How long does the Close Beta last! Will it open for new Applicants?


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Applications are currently closed for CBT.

Those that managed to get in - gratz.

Those that got the first email - you are in the pool to be added at a later date (unknown at this stage) as needs be.

Those that didn't get any emails - sorry folks that's it for this round.  There may be other application rounds later down the track as the developers need.

There are no codes etc for CBT, the only way is to apply and that is currently closed off.

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I don't get it why you keep on insisting that the only way to get into Closed Beta is through the application form on the portal when there are others way to obtain a key. I got mine through a promotion on MOL points for free.


EDIT: The keys on MOL points are sold out but I guess there are other sites that give keys. You just have to look around and ask.

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