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[trivia question] kraken, confederate and high caliber

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just a trivia question about 3 superb achievement.


Do you agree if someone say that real 'kraken unleash' receiver should also got either 'confederate' or 'high caliber' (or both)

got 'kraken unleash' alone can also mean that steal kill someone else or just a mere chance of luck? 


well, I use to see someone got kraken yet still a 2nd place below someone who don't score any kill. (that 1st guy got both confederate and high caliber)




since both are count form damage dealt to enemy

which one do you think that prove more about contribute to the team? confederate or high caliber?

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Confederate ofc

that means you damage 6 ships for 20% hp each


you can get hi caliber, just by farming dmg from 2 Battleship and nothing else

say you burn them, and they able to repair majority of the damage.it do less game impact than confederate. 


IMO kraken and confederate is the sign of the player carry the game. 

Hi caliber is great, but confederate have more impact in match. even the confederate flag is one of the best - most valuable in game


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For confederate, it is 20% damage to 6 ships and high caliber is 30% damage to 4 ships. Kraken can be achieved with just 5 last hits where you don't even do any damage.

Kraken doesn't mean anything much without other heroic achievements like High caliber, Confederate, Witherer, Arsonist, Liquidator (offensive) and Dreadnought, Fireproof, Unsinkable (defensive). These are the signs that you actually dealt damage to enemy as well as tanked for the team.


In my opinion, High caliber contributes the most. Specially when you deal with capital ships, that means you have done an extremely good amount of damage. In terms of profit, confederate is better as you touched more enemy ship, thus better outcome, and the flag is very useful indeed.

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I concur with the OP getting a kraken with low base xp and no confederate or high calibre is lucky. Players don't always plan to kill steal.


Then again i have a kraken and a double strike in a perth for a t8 game and only 38k damage. Thank you HE fire spam!

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