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horn alert to avoid collision between ships

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teammates collide manytimes through out the game because they are busy targeting enemy through the scope and cant see if player going to hit someone. if we had horn like alert(which can be buzzed manually) we can prevent from collision unless the another player is AFK. still it will lower the chance of getting killed by team member. 

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F11 spam is bad enough, we don't need horns for pre-teen children to run around pressing every thirty seconds!

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They said it was implemented but decided to removed it. Because it resulted toward to nuisance & spamming than to use it in actual purpose.


Trust me, it's better that way.

Another way to prevent such incident is checking/reading the minimap before firing your main armament. Or hold R-click to free view out of the binoculars & check your surroundings.

If you can't do that. Please tell me how are you not able to give few seconds of your 8, 10, 12 ,15, 30, 35 seconds gun reload time to check the minimap & the surroundings? The control is simple & not rocket science to do it.

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