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Consumable Upgrades

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Does anyone actually use these?
Just curious.

I've got them all now, and I personally think they are less beneficial than the standard upgrades.

Take the DAAF upgrade for example:

20% extra action time. Okay sure, an extra 8 seconds. Fine

But when you realise that its slot would override the standard module for 20% extra range it looks a whole lot less useful for an AA spec ship.

You've already got the consumable, so why would you remove the extra range in the favour of 8 seconds more fire. Any CV that has his planes in that bubble for 40 seconds is already asking to lose them.

Similar stuff with engine boost upgrade. Except you aren't really making a gain on that anywhere.


So yeah. Does anyone use them, and if so, why? What makes it worthwhile for you

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DFAA fire = useless just bonus 8 sec (till WG has new line/tech tree or whatever)

Hydro search = I'm thinking on my Moskva or use for Hinden or DD KM (useful for add more time find DD in smoke or torpedobeat)

Engine Booooost = ok.jpg for IJN and Khaba

Radar = wanna troll 35 sec my Moskva? xD I mean useful for radar boat (DM I want to use too) more 1 salvo!

spotting = I use only Warspite done! (I have 2 upgrades left...)

Smoke Generator = waiting use for high tier USN DD or new line or Perth

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Best 2


Try the speed boost one on a russian dd, it's good! Also Blyskawica.


The Hydro one can also be of real benefit for German high tier dd's.


However others seem to be of very limited use.

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