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A match that was "Literally Unplayable"

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Got into a match where both teams were unable to move or deal damage.

Interestingly torps and bombs won't deal damage either. The most that can done is to disable modules.

Matches I had after this game did not have this issue anymore.


Chat going nuts


Post battle results


Replay file



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Just got this bug. Worst one I've ever seen..

No one can move or even teamkill.

Game ended in a draw and I lost 146k credits.


And to add salt to the wound, the game put me in last place :facepalm:



Here's the replay.


Well, part of it. I tried crashing the game and reconnecting but that did nothing. Something wrong with the server again..

I basically sat there testing bisko's accuracy on another bisko.

Sure hope I can get those credits back. I completely play f2p..


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