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How the system decide to put you into high tier server?

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Well I can't really give you much insight as to how the MM system works, but I'll recommend you only attack weaker targets or get a rough estimate of the enemy ships' AA capabilities. 

Or not play CVs I'm kidding of course, I don't have anything against you CV players.


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Can I have the list of high AA defense ships?from tier 6-8





At Tier 6:

Cleveland (Duh)

New Mexico (Maybe, don't linger though)

Independence (Maybe)


Bayern (Decent Long-Range AA)

Nurnberg (C-Hull especially, good AA)

La Gallisoniere (Decent AA, may lose one or two planes)


Tier 7:

Pensacola (As much of a pushover she is for other ships, Tier 6 planes will likely struggle trying to attack her)

Colorado (Don't try, unless it's late into the game) 

Ranger (Same advice as Colorado)

Shchors (May lose one or two planes)

Yorck (Don't get too close to her)

Gneisenau (Stay away, period)

Fiji (Might be troublesome)

Hiryu (You shouldn't fight her, but stay away if you do)

Nagato (B-Hull will give you problems)

Myoko (C-Hull may give you problems


Tier 8 (Probably the worst for you to fight):

New Orleans (Stay away)

North Carolina (Don't even THINK about going near her, the mere thought of her AA will kill your planes)

Lexington (Stay the hell back! Do not attack, I repeat, do not attack!)

Chapayev (Expect to lose planes if you attack)

Admiral Hipper (She'll hold her own, though you can hit her)

Bismarck (Don't try)

Edinburgh (You may lose a few planes)

Charles Martel (Basically a Tier 8 with late-Tier 6 AA. Be cautious though, French fries don't usually sail alone)

Amagi (You'll lose some planes)

Shokaku (You will lose some planes if you try to attack her)




That's every single non-premium (and therefore, more dangerous) AA ship you should probably be worried about in your MM


I can list you the premium ships too, if they're common for you.





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Thx I would like to have them cuz I always see premium 

Okay, no problem then!


The premiums you should be aware of are as follows



Tier 5:

Texas (Literally the only Tier 5 premium you need to watch out for)


Tier 6:

Molotov (May kill one or two planes)


Tier 7 (This is where the real kickers are): 

Atlanta (Unlimited Defensive AA fire. Bait it out, then attack if you must attack it. But if you attack it, it will shoot down some if not all of your planes.)

Saipan (They'll shoot down your planes if you go after them. Not to mention, her fighter squadrons will destroy yours :teethhappy:)

Flint (Basically a weaker version of the Atlanta. Don't under estimate her though, she can still spec into a good AA role)

Scharnhorst (She has enough AA to defend herself, but no more than that. Just don't linger and you'll be fine.)

Belfast (She'll defend herself and take a few of your planes if you're not careful)

Hood (If you're still on the Ryujo by the time the Hood comes out, stay away from this battlecruiser. Her close range Defensive Fire can melt planes from what I've seen)


Tier 8:

Atago (She doesn't have raw AA power, but defensive fire can still kill your planes fairly quickly, especially if they're Tier 6)

Alabama (Just. Do not even try. Leave any and all American high-tier battleships alone.)

Mikhail Kutuzov (No. Especially not if they're running Defensive AA.)

Tirpitz (Leave her alone, her long-range AA is enough alone to kill some of your planes)

Prinz Eugen (Like the Admiral Hipper, she can fend for herself. If you can find someone playing her, that is)

Lo Yang (Shocker, I know. A destroyer with decent AA? Against your Tier 6 planes? Oh hell yeah. And that Defensive Fire -if they've taken it over Hydroacoustic- can do some work) 






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The Matchmaker algorithm looks at your chat history in-game to see how many times you used keywords like 'uptiered' or 'bottom tier' with words like 'again' and 'bloody WG', etc. 


The more of these words MM sees, the more it assumes that you enjoy being uptiered because you talk about it so much. 


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Id add graf spee too as a t6 premmie. Can be built with DFAA and i have 20 plane kills a few times in it.


Back to OP. Spot early on or hunt DDs. Target yolo BBs as well rather then clusters. If enemy ships have had HE spam on them try to target them as they will have lost AA capability. By mid to late game damaged ships will be your bread and butter.


Don't throw planes away early to high AA builds

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Isn't this one has garbage AA?

Just bait out the DFAA and he's toast once it's run out.


Budyonny has decent AA, improved by having the proper equipment and skills. Not as great as Cleveland, but you'll lose some planes.

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