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More Challenges & Combat Missions Please

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Hi Team,

While I enjoy the challenges and combat missions that appear reasonably regularly, I think that there is an opportunity to up the volume a bit.  There should always be multiple challenges available.  The current challenge finishes toward the end of May, but once complete it's a reasonable wait for the next one.  A constant stream of training missions, historical battles like Jutland for lower tier ships, shore bombardments against land based fortresses, gauntlet runs, and rescue missions should all be up on offer.  Special missions for Coop Battles, Random Battles and Ranked Battles would mix it up fairly well also.  There should be that much to choose from that players can always win credits, dubloons, and XP every time they play.  So let's pump it up and get this game rocking :-)


Deplorable Me.

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How I actually read that:

Those missions are too easy for pro like myself! Give us more difficult & time pressure missions!! MOAR PAIN. MOAR SUFFER!!!!! :izmena:

In other words, give more missions like how you guys did with the first batch of ARP mission!


Us pro players are laughing at all these easy missions!!



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