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Match Making Problem

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It's because the MM is too dumb to think about division ships individually. Basically their DDs are being part of the T7 divisions caused this to happen. Also your DD was in a division as well.

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MM balancing needs to be sorted out real quick... But WG :- "We don't have enough player base to try changing anything about MM and MM as of now is working as intended".

Limiting Divisions to one tier is like the hardest thing to do for WG... And we can see some players still abuse the MM and it's balancing methods.. Example, Bogue+Cleveland on same division... surely they get Zuiho/bogue on enemy team because of the balancing of CVs..

Balancing of DDs 2 IJN DDs on one team vs one USN and one Russian DD on other side or 1 T9, 2 T8 DDs vs 2 T9 DDs.. because WG is too ignorant about the most important aspect of the game MM itself...



sorry for not hiding names... but I'm not shaming anyone here... Other than WG's Working as Intended MM..

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