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Off topic Posts from Sobiet/Russian Cruiser line or British Cruiser Line Thread

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I really want to know your play style before making a suggestion


i want to ask question too....


between French Line and RNCL, what is better in term of survivability? both have Repair Party (obviously GG for YOLO), RNCL have smoke and GG AA but with ultra thin armor. French Line have long range HE spam attack and SUPA BOOSTA for dodging shell in from far away artilery. from what i see French line have the worst AA compared to other Cruiser. 



also find this video

well, my point is Henry 4 got shot  by 2 Yamato and its secondary.... it wasnt insta deleted and manage to survive a few shot from more than 1 ship.

i remember somebody say starting from T7 French got better armor?


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