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Propulsion Modification 2 Question

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Hello Devs,


I've checked out the for mums both Asia and NA, along with patch notes that I've been able to find about this issue and I've been seeing different answers to the same question.


The question is does Propulsion Mod 2 (slot 5) improve the forward acceleration for the whole speed or only part of it?

1. Answer one is it does to all the way up to speed, (interpretation from patch notes and description in game, (have not found the patch notes related to this interpretation))

2. No, only to 6 knots, add on notes, especially from some Community Contributors and Wiki Wows.  


Could you please clarify about this for me?


I had this upgrade on my Pepsi, and it seemed to me that both answers were correct and incorrect at the same time.  

For example, from full stop to full speed, first 6 knots where cut in half as answer 2 states. 

But when I used speed to help me tank in Pepsi, it seemed to me that from half speed to full speed, it seemed that the first 6 knots again were cut in half as I was accelerating again.


Would it be reasonable to conclude that it would be possible for a cruiser or bb to accelerate to half speed, then wait some time (a minute or or so?) and then accelerate to full speed and get a full 12 knots of improved acceleration from full stop to full speed as those are 2 separate accelerations, while going from full stop to full speed will only net the player 6 knots as that is 1 acceleration.


This is rather important to me, as this could change some of my bb upgrade choices from my current safe and standard loadout as well as some cruiser upgrade choices or even dd choices.  


Thanks in advance.

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454 posts

I'm not sure to trust the wiki.  Anyone can edit wiki's which is an issue.


I believe others found issues with the wiki.

View Posthughfj08, on 18 May 2017 - 09:42 AM, said:

Now I'm not entirely sure who is control of updating the wiki,
​but I'd like for whoever is in charge of it to ensure that the stuff they include to be factually correct.


I'm not someone who goes hunting for this kind of thing, but I did come across this bit which gave me the thought that this could be something that needs addressing.

Excerpt from Ryujo

"Upgraded fighters are a carry-on from Zuiho and can be bought straight away if they were researched for Zuiho.​"

View Postamade, on 18 May 2017 - 09:50 AM, said:

Anyone can edit the wiki, even you yourself. If you believe the information to be incorrect, you can correct or remove it.


We have no Community Contributors who are assigned as Wiki Editors with extra permissions on ASIA, you'd find more of them on NA or EU instead.



According to the wiki, it explicitly states it only affects 0-6knot acceleration and nothing else.




So, I'm wondering if this might be something that is incorrect on the wiki as well cause my experience with it seems to be different from what the community has said and the wiki has said as well. 


 So, Devs, could you please look into the question about the upgrade? Want an answer from the people who made it as they have the actual notes. 













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